Apr. 16th, 2008

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On April 16th, 1958, the scientific world was robbed of brilliant woman, Rosalind Franklin.

Raise your glasses today in her honor.

Who is Rosalind Franklin

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I'm feeling a bit better tonight, and I need y'alls input.

So I'm trying to sell these following things:

Nintendo DS with a custom cover and shrinky Dink charm with DS Case
Nintendo Wifi controller
Pokemon Silver with 72 hours of game play.

So my question is should I sell this all in one lot on Furbid or try to break it down into different lots and sell some of it on Ebay? Would anyone here be interested in buying any of this from me? I won't take any less than about 90 or so for the custom DS.

Also to the local furries I have some tails here I need to get rid of:tails under cut )
If you are local to me and you are interested in one let me know, and I'll probably just give them away. If you aren't local and really want one I'll send it to you for the cost of shipping.

Yes I do have Pay pal. gamergeekgoddess@gmail.com

Oh and I'll be putting up an auction for some phone charms tonight:

If you are interested I'm offering them on my LJ for the reduced price of 5 USD each and that includes mailing to US and Canada (add 1 USD for shipping to the rest of the world)

So if you are interested in any of this stuff let me know. I'm trying to raise money to finally move off to grad school, and I could certainly use the help.

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