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I know this is a day late but I wanted to contribute my own thoughts to World AIDS day with some scientific gleanings of Hope, especially in light of reading about some really tragic things from my FL
Possible AIDS vaccine formulated from former immune resistant women working as Sex workers in Africa Sadly it seems these women did contract the virus, indicating in order to keep up their immunity to the virus (that initially won them so much attention) they have to have continued exposure to it. However certain characteristics of the womens' blood does lead to promising hope for a cure.

HIV evolving to less deadly form - Like a lot of parasitic organisms (viruses aren't technically organism but just consider they are for these purposes) the longer it remains in a population the less deadly it becomes. In a way AIDS is starting to form a more symbiotic relationship with its hosts that will keep the host around. It will still compromise the immune system and wreck havoc on the body, but there is hope that with this less deadly strain a cure can finally be reached.

I need to do more literature dredging to find out if there is any credence to this cure that researchers in Houston have found, but I did find this on Scientific American: AIDS Vaccine Could Mimic Natural Immunity To HIV

So I think there is certainly hope that we will reach a cure with in the next 4-5 years at most. It will be probably that this cure will not really be accessible to the millions of poor HIV infected Africans currently dying of the disease, but hopefully it will be available for those suffering in Europe and North America at least.

On a final note I would like to stress especially that prevention is the best to fight against AIDS. Always be aware of your surroundings and bring a trusted person with you to any party that will check up on you in the event you happen to get too drunk or disappear. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use protection, even if you are a lesbian, with your partner unless you have a hard copy very recent print out that he/she is clean from the health office. Never trust your life to someone that you hardly know or who won't let you know their sexual history.

HIV can infect anyone, and can show up in any group of people no matter how affluent. In many countries is is now a crime to knowingly pass on HIV, so if you know someone who is infecting others, it is imperative you report them to the proper authorities.
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