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So way back before I left in May for BC, I ordered a Battery charger/ USB charger for my trip All my information on the website clearly states that my address is Oxford, however they sent it to my Hattiesburg address. Well I was traveling for nearly 2 months and didn't get to take care of it until I got back. I sent them one email asking them if I could get it remailed, and then when that wasn't replied to I asked for a refund. In fact I sent 3 requests for a refund, and I have yet to even get anything back from the website. I'm going to give them a few more days to process my request, however if they don't reply, do I have any option to make a dispute with Paypal at this point, or for that matter report them to the BBB?

DAMMIT its been over 45 days since I made the purchase so Paypal won't open the dispute!

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