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art by Kayla_la

'Lo there. You have traversed to my little corner of the web. My journal's security level currently stands at Friends Mostly, meaning that you will sometimes see a public entry or two, but for the most part my journal is going to be Friends locked. If you want to read the FO content, comment here to be added, but there are no guarantees you will be. I'm rather selective who I let into my life, so if you are just some random person looking to add me because we have similar interests, unless you contact me prior to the add and engage me in conversation, I probably won't oblige you. If by some chance you were on my friends list and aren't now, it is probably due to the fact we lost touch, you never update, or there was some rift between us that caused me not to trust you. 2 out of 3 of those reasons could mean you could be re-added, but if you're one of the people in group 3, don't even bother, because I don't care to be bothered. Otherwise, comment here to be added.
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art by me

'Lo there. You have traversed to my little corner of the web. My journal's security level currently stands at Friends Mostly, meaning that you will sometimes see a public entry or two, but for the most part my journal if going to be Friends locked. If you want to read the FO content comment here to be added, but there are no guarantees you will be. I'm rather selective who I let into my life, so if you are just some random person looking to add me because we have similar interests, unless you contact me prior to the add and engage me in conversation, I probably won't oblige you. If by some chance you were on my friends list and aren't now it is probably due to the fact we lost touch, you never update, or there was some rift between us that caused me not to trust you. 2 out of 3 of those reasons could mean you could be re-added, but if you're one of the people in group 3, don't even bother, because I don't care to be bothered. Otherwise, comment here to be added.
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So way back before I left in May for BC, I ordered a Battery charger/ USB charger for my trip All my information on the website clearly states that my address is Oxford, however they sent it to my Hattiesburg address. Well I was traveling for nearly 2 months and didn't get to take care of it until I got back. I sent them one email asking them if I could get it remailed, and then when that wasn't replied to I asked for a refund. In fact I sent 3 requests for a refund, and I have yet to even get anything back from the website. I'm going to give them a few more days to process my request, however if they don't reply, do I have any option to make a dispute with Paypal at this point, or for that matter report them to the BBB?

DAMMIT its been over 45 days since I made the purchase so Paypal won't open the dispute!

Drawing day

Jun. 5th, 2009 08:29 pm
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I think I'm going to take part in this tomorrow

I'll have lab work to do, but in between my breaks, I might try to do some sketches. I'd be up for some ideas and prompts from LJ, so post your ideas and you might get a free sketch. I make no guarantees because I'm really busy right now, and I have no idea how much I'll actually be able to draw tomorrow, but I want to give this a shot any how.

So post what you'd like me to sketch tomorrow and I can see about doodling up something at least a few things for those who post.
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I'm taking a cue from sushicougar and doing another friends cut. I'll be cutting out some of the journals I don't read and never developed much of a rapport with and others that never update. If you're removed please don't think it is anything against you personally. I've just been really busy and I want to try to get my journal down to readable instead just skimming everything.
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A bit of an international tragic situation going on with our neighbors down under:

Brush fire started by arsonists death toll rises to 100

Some of these people were killed while fleeing the fire in their cars fleeing the blaze.
Several of my friends list has been personally touched by this tragedy albeit not directly, thankfully. Here's hoping the climate abates a bit and the fires are able to be put out.

A 40-year old man is believed to have abducted 14- year old girl on Monday and, according to school play mates, was planning to take her to Ikkicon an anime convention in Austin
Not sure if the people at Ikkicon heard about this in time. Here's hoping they did and were on a look out for this creep.
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I've just joined this new community called [ profile] artistsworking which was created by the awesomely talented [ profile] xcourtkneex and friends.
From the info:
This community is dedicated to artists helping other artists improve their work. Post what you're currently working on or participate in our exercises!

Every month we will have individual challenges to give us an area to work on. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these prompts and PROVIDE FEEDBACK to each other. Red lining is encouraged and please be specific with your critique. Tutorials and other forms of art instruction are also welcome.

I for one will certainly be taking part in this to help improve several problem areas that I want and need feed back on. Anyway the community is still in the "taking off" phase so I encourage all the fellow artists on my LJ to come on over and take part.
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Ok folks here is my list of stuff to sell like promised. Y'all get first dibs and any dolls y'all don't I'll post on doll customization communities, and the ponies will go on MLP communities. If y'all could help me naming the ponies I'd appercaite it also.

The wings and tail will go on furbid if no one wants them here.

Anyway shipping for small packages will be 3.99 and shipping for larger boxes will be 6.00 USD. I give discounts for people who get multiple items.

My paypal is

Just comment here and let me know if you are intersted in any of these
Dolls, Ponies, and some other things )
Next up I'll probably break out my beads and sell some of them on here. Anyone intersted up front?
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I know this is a day late but I wanted to contribute my own thoughts to World AIDS day with some scientific gleanings of Hope, especially in light of reading about some really tragic things from my FL
Possible AIDS vaccine formulated from former immune resistant women working as Sex workers in Africa Sadly it seems these women did contract the virus, indicating in order to keep up their immunity to the virus (that initially won them so much attention) they have to have continued exposure to it. However certain characteristics of the womens' blood does lead to promising hope for a cure.

HIV evolving to less deadly form - Like a lot of parasitic organisms (viruses aren't technically organism but just consider they are for these purposes) the longer it remains in a population the less deadly it becomes. In a way AIDS is starting to form a more symbiotic relationship with its hosts that will keep the host around. It will still compromise the immune system and wreck havoc on the body, but there is hope that with this less deadly strain a cure can finally be reached.

I need to do more literature dredging to find out if there is any credence to this cure that researchers in Houston have found, but I did find this on Scientific American: AIDS Vaccine Could Mimic Natural Immunity To HIV

So I think there is certainly hope that we will reach a cure with in the next 4-5 years at most. It will be probably that this cure will not really be accessible to the millions of poor HIV infected Africans currently dying of the disease, but hopefully it will be available for those suffering in Europe and North America at least.

On a final note I would like to stress especially that prevention is the best to fight against AIDS. Always be aware of your surroundings and bring a trusted person with you to any party that will check up on you in the event you happen to get too drunk or disappear. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use protection, even if you are a lesbian, with your partner unless you have a hard copy very recent print out that he/she is clean from the health office. Never trust your life to someone that you hardly know or who won't let you know their sexual history.

HIV can infect anyone, and can show up in any group of people no matter how affluent. In many countries is is now a crime to knowingly pass on HIV, so if you know someone who is infecting others, it is imperative you report them to the proper authorities.
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I have this extra Video Card kicking around that I can't use.
Its a Radeon Vision Tek HD 2400 PRo 256 MB video card.
It goes for $74.99 new on
I'll sell it to someone or trade for equal value for 35 USD, and I take paypal.
They usually go for

Video Card for sale
Video Card for sale
back side
back side

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So I'm sending out an query here: My friend [ profile] schnitzalted is a 3D artist and he wants to make some extra money plying his skills. Unfortunately there seems to be less of a market for the stuff he has been modeling, mainly science stuff. So we were joking around about him taking furry commissions, since he seemed interested in the fact I've made a pretty good supplementary income with my work.

So I'm curious if anyone here knows anyone out there who does 3D commissions, and beyond just furry stuff because he can do just about anything (models for people, creatures, RPGs and the like)

So does anyone know of where he could get some business for his type of art? If you are curious to see some just check his journal.
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[ profile] tekaril- Full commission -sketch

And trades:
Brian sutton on FA- finish coloring

Cat warrior - sketch


I haven't been working on art as steadily as I should be, but I pledge to try to get this cue clear before school starts.
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Neo has made it the Semifinals and is currently down by 20 or so votes. If you haven't already head on down to this post and vote for [ profile] neopantyger
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I know I said I was going to stop taking commissions when I got to grad school, but something like this is just too horrific for me to just not do anything.
So I'm going to take a charity emergency commission, and best of all you don't even have to send the money to me. You can send the money directly to the SPCA, and forward the recipe.

This afternoon, SPCA Serving Erie County animal cruelty investigators rescued approximately 46 rabbits; 10 cockatiels, lovebirds, and parakeets; and three cats from a Stage Road residence in Newstead, NY (see photos, here). Two deceased rabbits were also removed from the property.
Warning pictures are graphic

How anyone could be this neglectful and horrible to animals is just beyond my understanding, but being a rabbit owner myself, I feel like its my responsibility to help these poor bunnies find more loving homes with my donations through my art.

You can find samples of my Graffiti badges here
and my charms can be found here
A 25 USD donation will get you a laminated badge with clip and 2 charms mailed out to you.
If you want to donate more we can negotiate. I'm going to try to donate some of my own money, but school is about to start for me and I have to buy my text books this semester, so I'm a little strapped for cash, but I'm hoping that people out there in the furry community will hopefully jump for the chance to help animals and get some artwork, considering that I'm no longer going to be taking commissions for anything other than extenuating circumstances like this.
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One of the world’s rarest fungi, an exotic star-shaped mushroom known to exist at only three locations on Earth, has been discovered in the mountains of Nara prefecture.

The Devil’s Cigar (a.k.a. “Texas Star”) — known to botanists as Chorioactis geaster — had been observed only in central Texas and at two remote locations in Japan prior to the recent discovery in Nara. The peculiar fungus is described as a dark brown cigar-shaped capsule that transforms into a tan-colored star when it splits open to release its spores. It is also one of only a few known fungi that produce an audible hiss when releasing spores.

full article )


Thanks for the link [ profile] campybear
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I've been getting alot more into my "slackervism" lately. I think I'll probably end up calling up my representative on this one, more than just fill out an online survey.

Congressional staffers and members of the press packed a hearing room on Capitol Hill Wednesday for Rep. Barney Frank's (D-MA) announcement of the first federal marijuana decriminalization bill in decades. )
You can urge your Representative also by calling up the Congressional circuit board. You probably won't speak to your representative directly, but one of his attendants. Just tell him that you are from this region of your state and say:
"I urge you to co-sponsor and support H.R. 5843, the bi-partisan "Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2008." This bill removes federal criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, so that federal law enforcement agencies can concentrate on violent offenders and major drug traffickers."

You can look up your elected representative here.

Even if you don't smoke it, as an American taxpayer, your tax dollars are going towards the needless crimilization of personal marjiuana users, many who use it for medicinal purposes. These laws were created specifically to proscute people of color in the early 20th century, and large body of research has surfaced to show cannabis is no where near that harmfulness what earlier propganda expoused it was. These laws are antiquated and racist, and there is no reason that our money as tax payers should go to the prosecution of people who just want to smoke a joint, when it can go towards proscuting violent offenders and actual destructive drug traffic with heroine, coccaine, and crystal meth.
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Been a while since I made a post like this, but I saw this on [ profile] debunkingwhite and felt compelled to cross post it to my LJ. Warning: this might touch a nerve in military folks who read my friends list:

LaVena Johnson was a 19 year old private in the Army, serving in Iraq, when she was raped, murdered, and her body was burned--by someone from her own military base. Despite overwhelming physical evidence, the Army called her death a suicide and has closed the case. (1)

For three years, LaVena's parents have been fighting for answers. At almost every turn, they've been met with closed doors or lies. They've appealed to Congress, the one body that can hold the military accountable. But, as in other cases where female soldiers have been raped and murdered and the Army has called it suicide, Congress has failed to act.

Will you join Mr. and Mrs. Johnson in calling on Congressman Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, to mount a real investigation into LaVena Johnson's death and the Army's cover-up? (2) Will you ask your friends and family to do the same?

From the beginning, LaVena's death made no sense as a suicide. She was happy and had been talking with friends and family regularly (3)--nothing indicated she could be suicidal. And when the Johnsons received her body, they noticed signs that she had been beaten. (4) That was when they started asking questions.

After two years of being denied answers and hearing explanations that made no sense, the Johnsons received a CD-ROM from someone on the inside. It contained pictures of the crime scene where LaVena died and an autopsy showing that she had suffered bruises, abrasions, a dislocated shoulder, broken teeth, and some type of sexual assault. Her body was partially burned; she had been doused in a flammable liquid, and someone had set her body on fire. A corrosive chemical had been poured in her genital area, perhaps to cover up evidence of rape. (5)

Still the Army sticks by their story. They refuse to explain the overwhelming physical evidence that LaVena was raped and murdered and continue to claim that she killed herself.

For many Black youth, and working class young people of every race, the military is seen as an option for securing a better future. LaVena came from a deeply supportive family, and while the military wasn't her only option, she was attracted by its promise to help her pay for a college education and the opportunity to travel around the world. She also thought that by joining she could continue her lifelong commitment to serving other people in need. She made a decision to serve in the military, with all its risks, and expected respect and dignity in return.

LaVena's death is part of a disturbing pattern of cases where female soldiers have been raped and killed, and where the military has hidden the truth and labeled the deaths suicides. (6,7) In virtually all cases, Congress has been slow to investigate or hold the military accountable in any way. Unfortunately, most families simply don't have the resources, time, and psychological strength to push back.

We can help the Johnsons, and other families, by holding Congress accountable in the LaVena Johnson case and by demanding it investigate the pattern of cover-ups by the military.

Please take a moment to join those calling on Congressman Waxman to investigate the cover-up of LaVena Johnson's death:

Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Gabriel, Clarissa, Andre, Kai, and the rest of the team
July 28th, 2008

References )
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I read today on my friends list that [ profile] animecat, awesome fursuit maker and artist is going through some really hard times right now. Apparently her only brother was shot and killed by Little Rock police officers,and evidence is begining to surface that he was unarmed. In addition to funeral costs, Anime and her family are having to cover numerous other costs including laywer fees, and she is asking for help and donations. Follow this link to her journal to read more I'm going to try to send a bit of money on my next paycheck, but I thought I'd pass this along to anyone else who would be willing to help. Regardless of what you may think about her brother and his prior criminal record, he was still a person with a family who loved him, and to have this happen is an extremely devestating and truamatic affair. So those of you who can help, please lend some support to Animecat in this very tragic time.
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Union of Concerned Scientist is hosting the voting for their Science Idol Cartoon contest, which propose is to draw humorous attention to the serious issue of political interference in science,.
To Vote click here
Theres two were my favorite:

This is the one I voted for
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Ok so I need some black Hemp to finish up some commissions I took for my charm bracelets, however my funds are all tapped out until the end of the month when I get paid.
So I'm offering One graffiti badge slot for the reduced price of 13 USD or for buying me the hemp and shipping it to my apartment, which comes to 11.45 USD
Black hemp can be found here
Graffiti badge examples are here
I can get it done before the end of the week and have it mailed out to you before AC provided you don't live outside the US.

Price includes Lamination and mailing. Paypal only or price of hemp. If you are buying the hemp for me please let me know so I can provide my address for shipping.
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