Apr. 22nd, 2008

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So I'm at the point where I need to make the money I need to get to Grad school, and I'm going to take a few last commissions in this last month before I move in order to help raise up the funds.

This will be the LAST time I take any more commissions folks so if you have always fancied a badge or charm from me, it will be your last chance. When I get to grad school I won't have either the time or the desire to do furry art for money, and I start up by mid June...so Buy art from me

Firstly Check out these two Cheap auctions I have going over on Furbid:
Medium size wolf T-shirt Only 2 USD starting bid plus Shipping
Phone Charms commissions
Now to the commissions:

Charms can be on candy (plastic bead) bracelets, phone charms or hemp bracelets, and I give special deals on mate bracelets (2 charms on each bracelet).
Badges are laminated with no clip, but for a little extra I do make hemp lanyards. Just ask me if you are interested.

More charm options )
Samples of Badges )
I take paypal, gamergeekgoddess@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance y'all

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